Arcade Precinct

Thursday walking in the arcade precinct

Jackie was looking so bad

Couple of girls from the catholic school

Turning their heads to look back


They were all sixteen, fifteen, fourteen

Just getting away from their dads

Busy ???? grabbing things for free

Over by the magazine rack

Lalalalalala lalala lala

Lalalalalala lalala lala

That was that

And this was then

And that's what girls are for

Hangin' round arcade precincts foodhall

or even shopping malls

Well I know

What you know

And you know

A scarecrow

And they go

Where we go

And we could all go

to a go-go

lalalalalala lalala lala x 4

Well I'm glad I met you at the precinct

We had some good times

Hangin' with the wild life


But the ladies from the arcade

Are drinking cherrycooley (?)

They're never gonna behave