The "L" of the world slipped
All that was left was the word
Capital letters, written in somebody's blood
It read "If it hurts, cry"
Stuck like a finger in the eye
Silent but deafening, immune to denial

A dead letter office
Destination found
A dead end road
It's all winding down
A dead letter office
A logic unsound
A dead end road
It's all run aground
You'll never be found

From here to eternity
They are falling like leaves
Gasping for fresh air
Counting to infinity
Drown in an Equation
Subjected to oblivion
Nothing, nowhere
Dead and gone

The walls have ears, hills have eyes
To read the words and hear the cries
From beginning to end are words
Blighting a world that won't return

A dead letter office
Destination found, it's run aground
A dead letter office
Now don't make a sound, you won't be found