Cold Wind

(feat. T.M.F.)

"9th Prince, you want to kill us all?"

"Show me where you to find the Princess and I'll spare you all"

"Thank you, 9th Prince"

"Hahaha, y'all must be dumb!"

"Take that!"

Aiyo yo yo

Stamina of complete motivation leads a nation of killer's replacements

Glocks, AK's, hand grenades

Stashed inside a fox hole but Kingdom's basement

Henchmen of pro lynchmen, rhyme rankest lyrical lynchmen

In Now Born, raisin' Children of the Corn

We march as we hear the horns of Red Dawn

I'm prepared, sharpen my machete 'til it's sharp like a thorn

Lyrical spawn, fuck a graveyard, I prepare you in ya lawn

There's a Law & Order in the world of manslaughter

Camera recorder, got me on tape

With the microphone screamin' "Rape!"

Radio stations across United Nations

Black, Chinese, Indians, plus Caucasians

Pick up the album, Revenge of the Iron Fingers invasions

Lyrical bloodshed, first copy picked up by the feds

They wanna investigate the metal plate in my head

I'm cold invincible like an igloo

Brainwaves bein' the shade of atomic missles

Then transport thru ya physical explode thru ya mental

Then beat fiends instrumentals, got the streets flood

9th Prince, tune into FM and AM cuz I'm Cold Blooded

"Come against the consequence of the 9th Prince"

"The fuckin' Prince, let's hear him"

"Come against the consequence of the 9th Prince"

"We were just ambushed, I fear we might be dead"

"Come against the consequence of the 9th Prince"

Stapleton crime towers

I hear you gotta be clean like takin' nine showers

Divine powers, ultimate man

Hour glass runnin', dumbin' with a sword in my hand

Drunken monk stance, run for ya Clan

Switch form and open up like doorman

Cold pore rain danglin', sounds of change

Ice bain frostbite, you costless

Cremated and get ya corpse lit

Sent out to orbit, spaceship

Tommy Whis' lace shit like eight kicks

Stirrin' flavor to this cake mix, we take shit

From ya neck to ya bracelet, get a facelift

This ain't no safe strip

So be strollin' on their raps, holdin' bombs

Kamikaze strapped on to their arms

We move when the wind calms, slowly

No one can control me or hold me

Tony told me lay low and we can all play dough

I'm throwin' blades like Kano

Shove this, one up ya anal

Now, tell me who be liver than Whispers

I chop all five of ya fingers

I'm cold like the winter

Ya feel the breeze, nigga?

"Come against the consequence of the 9th Prince"

"The 9th Prince uses his sword like an axe for hyper action"

"Come against the consequence of the 9th Prince"

Yo Crime Life yo yo

I hold my gun down like Chow-Yun Fat, when in combat

Light the bitch niggaz off the map, like Comet

Righteous islamic gettin' nasty like trauma

Spit out like a weak stomach, who want it?

Poisonous virus, we soon cometh

Cold Blooded in the vain, post up under the heavy rain

Soup-up with the signal ahead before the Chevy came

Fucked up what they did to my fam, I'm feelin' every pain

Yo it's hard on these streets, them after my weed

Be my medicine, acknowledge the game like a veteran

Mixin' elements, writin' testaments

Seven down for my next kin, establishment

Extravagent, mind over matter masterin'

Dark-hearted African skatin' on ice like Kerrigan and still battlin'

Bring it to you with the strength of 18 Buddhas

T.M.F. arch-style rush ya students

"Come against the consequence of the 9th Prince" (7x)