Texty písní A Canorous Quintet

A Canorous Quintet


Hate has bleeding within me

I am turned inside out

Wish you felt the pain i feel

A thorn tearing from inside

I bleed the invisible blood

The blood of my soul

I wish i had the strength to turn my back

Turn my rage against you

Make you bleed the way i do

Bury you within my darkness

Stifle in my close embrace

Until there's nothing left to hate

Only the purity of a newborn life

* condemned because there is no cause

Seas of sorrow drowing me

I'll live forevermore still nevermore

I'll become your greatest fear

Take you down to me

To perish in hy heart of darkness

Until the end of time

Until the end of time

In this world of pain

Sorrow is all you'll gain

You get what you deserve!

Your daydreams end!

Inside this blackhole of my life

Nothing can exist no more

Forever engulfed,

Forever lost, within myself

Within hy tihe

Repeat verse 2