Texty písní A Canorous Quintet

A Canorous Quintet

Through Endless Illusions

Walking on an endless path, falling through an endless time.

Searching for the key, captured by he who don't understand.

I seek a way out of the wilderness of my ignorance.

Turning on the light as i pass.

Loosing all faith and hope as I see.

I enter the darkness, searching for wisdom.

A secret illusion to find.

An abyss or a dwell in a thoughtfull mind.

No one can tell who's my guide.

Night is dark.

Someone's disappearing in obscurity, but knows not an answer.

Unlock the doors and fly away.

Exuberance has left, it'll soon be time to go.

Show me the way.

Time is growing, now there's room.

A key for every each (to the place) where a thoughtfull mind can rest.

Home, I'm longing for that reach.

Everyting that is I request no more.