Sex and Exploitation
A film appallingly shot
My Grindhouse Torture Dungeon
So obsessively Fun
Sew your lips shut – Won't feel bad
Show me visions – That you have
Mutilation – Cut me back
Such nice features – That you had
S&M Sex – Don't Feel bad
Drugs and Violence – It's so sad
The Gutter Trash and The Scary Man
Untie the ropes if you think you can
You Can't! - Nightmare of Ecstasy -
Suck a fucking dick and hike that ass up
Perversion, Ugly Sex, My Masterpiece
Then we get to Dream by Porno Prophecies
Burgeoning Drug Culture of the 1960's
All sizzle, No steak... Lurid Poster Art
Bloodthirsty Bitches and the Depraved
Suck a Bloody Dick and Hike that Ass up
I think it brought the feeling back to my legs...
Blood Rape Revenge Fantasy
(Is it that ludicrous?)
Exploitation is no joke
It is my reality
Make me horny, You'll be sorry
In my Sex-Gore Netherworld