Find your fate
Aloudly you scream
In a world filled with painand
Shattering dreams
Your back's to the wall
With nowhere to go
This could be the day
Cuz you're time's running low
They poison your mind,
Darken your life
Fear's closing in
Stabbing down like a knife
Turning away from this warped
Mindless game
Don't hesitate when they call out your name

Cuz then you will see
How life isn't free
It's death on the run
The war has begun
You're marked on the streets
You're a bloodchild on his feet

Game of death is reaching for your feet
Run for your life in victory or defeat

Lurking in the shadows
You're safe for awhile
The odds have been raised,
And aces are wild
Your body trembles
How much can you take
The hunter is at hand
And he's ready to take

Your neck stiffens now
You know you've been found
Sirens slash through your veins
In this horror filled lane
Your life they will drain
Cuz it's death by torture and pain