Cast off your shame and believe in something more
Don't romance blame as your pain reliever, soul deceiver

Next time i shatter
I hope that you're long gone
But if i should handle my god
I hope you're still there
Such a failure blackening angelic eyes
I'm going to have almost nothing left

Pleased to meet you want you cut you
I'm sorry i didn't know who i was hurting
Wait you're bleeding from somewhere beautiful
I'm sorry it's over now

"...and if you never stop to face all that you do
In all your actions and expenses of the loved ones

That you master that you master
You can never be a part of what is graceful
What is good and
What is honestly

The presence of a love inside your heart
And it is breaking by the thousands
Due to people like your father like your father
Its a never ending never bending

Threshold of abuse that you are always forced to take
And so you can never break down the raw side
Defense landslide splinters of the hurt
And pain piercing all that you have been
And if you think you're hurting now
You better not wake up again

Melting in the sibling sun exposing all that
You have done and if you think you're hurting
Now you ain't seen nothing yet..."

There's a reminder inside of your anger
About all the people that you have damaged
That you have hurt
Its just like i said that your life would turn out