Texty písní Age of Silence

Age of Silence

Auditorium Of Modern Movements

This is the auditorium of modern movements

A breeding ground for light speed profit thinking

Where a biting shine exposes the possibilities of the flesh

And the direction of the green flow

This is the city of Soma - an idea brought to life

And carefully designed by George Reed

Founding member of Modern Architects Deluxe

- "Constructing a new world for speed, efficiency and streamlined income"

So you're climbing upwards through structures of metal and glass

Subconsciously trying to reach the roof, but somehow there's always one more floor

It's a strange mixture of soft thinking and hard work

Or was it the other way around?

The ground for comparison was trampled a long time ago,

So no one really knows anymore

Amidst this aimless craving for matter