Texty písní Age of Silence

Age of Silence

Mr. M Man Of Muzak

A gentle lullaby for those who stayed behind

Would the parents of Seth Gibreel please come to the information point?

Shoppers hunting for bargains, best buys and yellow stickers proclaiming Buy now, pay later swarmed the white marble. It was already getting grey with ashes, but consumers are consumers, not interior designers, so hardly anyone noticed and even fewer cared.

Would the owner of a black Lamborhini Diablo registration number FF613

Please contact the information point? You are blocking the exit.

Trolleys got filled with whatever was accessible in the monstrous shelves. The flat rattling of plastic could be heard near every cash register as all coins had been collected or used by consumers to obtain devilishly hot coffee and BeelzeBuns. Bon Appétit

Attention all shoppers. Our hardware department offers very good deals on barbeque equipment. All deals are today only and the supply is limited, so be fast. Thank you.

The clattering of hard wheels against solid marble and the metallic shaking of badly produced trolleys ascended to an inferno of sound as shopping hungry people rushed to get what they needed for the barbeque of their lives.

They were not disappointed.