Texty písní Age of Silence

Age of Silence

The Green Office And The Dark Desk Drawer

I found it hidden in the very core of the city

The building didn't do it justice, but then again no building would

The office door ajar and the letters D.I. on everything

It was empty when I arrived but the thick, damp air told me

That someone had been there only minutes ago

The room was painted in different shades of green

All matching the colour of the flow

And the interior, Spartan as it was, seemed to

Underline the fact that this company was all about

Control, direction and blatant satisfaction

I saw invoices everywhere, and a thick mahogany table

Covered with yellowed pieces of paper - they were lists, and it finally occurred to me

- this was an administrative center for the P&S of our modern world

"Such a fetid web of pretence!"

It lay in the bottom of an old ashtray,

Yellow and worn as the others, but somehow different.

Two dates - one I knew and one I didn't.

Both were passed, the second one very recently.

I lifted the paper, folded it and slid it into my back pocket

Then I left.

Fundamental change - turn the direction of the breeze by force, crank it up to a storm

Of the breeze by force, crank it up to a storm