Killing's my business and business is fine Money's my interest, life isn't kind You know you can run but there's nowhere to hide Payback's a bitch boy Now you're gonna die Hand me the contract, I've got no remorse The more cash I get, the bloodier the worst You claimed their way out, life is up in flames How 'bout doin' it my way Beheaded or slain

[Chorus:] Hanging or lethal injection Gas chamber - take a last breath Firing squad, electrocute, we'll execute! More than one face of death

Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out A soldier of fortune, I'll wipe 'em all out Having no home, I have no shame I'll take a life, another victim in pain Try turning the tables or make it a frame You can't snuff me out Because you're my game You know you're my target Your time stands still But no job's too tough I love to kill