Don't live in the past
There's so much that lies ahead
It's moving so fast
Don't fall behind or you will crash
So live for today
But learn from the past
And cherish the moment
Live life – live fast!

Tomorrow – will never be like yesterday
Today – We stand the test of time

Into the future, the more and more we grow – The test of time
This is not about yesterday, it's the ground that now you hold – The test of time
Living in the past, you're gonna fall behind – The test of time
We're moving forward, we won't get left behind – The test of time

So you're in denial
You never cared so stop your lies
And fuck what you done
You lost the drive and your passion
Still holding on
You haven't done nothing since then
You're not fooling no one
Can't obtain what you begun

[Pre-chorus & Chorus]

The test of time (3x)