Hush-a-by lady, in Alice’s lap!
Til the feast’s ready we’ve time for a nap:
When the feasts over, we’ll go to the ball-
Red Queen, and White Queen, and Alice, and all!

(‘And now you know the words,’ she added,
as she put her head down on Alice’s other shoulder,
‘just sing it through to me. I’m getting sleepy, too.’
In another moment both Queens were fast asleep,
and snoring loud.

At this moment the door was flung open, and a shrill voice was heard singing:)

To the Looking-Glass world it was Alice that said
‘I’ve a sceptre in hand, I’ve a crown on my head;
Let the Looking-Glass creatures, whatever they be,
Come and dine with the Red Qeen, the White Queen, and me!’

(And hundreds of voices joined in the chorus:)

Then fill up the glasses as quick as you can,
And sprinkle the table with buttons and bran:
Put cats in the coffee, and mice in the tea-
And welcome Queen Alice
with thirty-times-three!

(Alice thought to herself, ‘Thirty times three makes ninety.
I wonder if any one’s counting?’ In a minute there was silence again,
and the same shrill voice sang another verse:)

‘O Looking-Glass creatures,’ quoth Alice, ‘draw near!
‘Tis an honour to see me, a favor to hear:
‘Tis a privilege high to have dinner and tea
Along with the Red Queen, the White Queen and me!’

(Then came the chorus again:)

Then fill up the glasses with treacle and inc,
Or anything else that is pleasant to drink;
Mix sand with the cider, and wool with the wine-
And welcome Queen Alice
with ninety-times-nine!

‘Ninety-times-nine!’ Alice repeated in despair.
‘Oh, that’ll never be done! I’d better go in at once.’