Climbed up to the rooftop
Cure in the form of a raindrop
To take my antidote to the people below.
They got wet but they didn't go home.

But everybody,
Everybody said "Goodnight, thanks for stopping by.
We're doing fine."
But oh, that was a lie!

Because I heard them waiting for the footsteps to fade
And when they thought I was gone,
It was 3 a.m., but we move on.

Find me singing in the bathtub,
Where the walls are kind to a stuttered song.
In my mind it's a critical minute, you knock and the moment's gone.
Well, to what you hold, you can never hang on.

But everybody, everybody said "Goodnight, thanks for
Stopping by, we'll be fine. But all we do is try."

And the sun turns your pillow to a rock.
But if I had my way, I'd just turn back the clock.

Oh, let that water roll
Boys in the bathtub
'Til I can't hear them anymore

Oh, let that water roll
Over the voice in my head
I don't need to hear you anymore
You were wrong