Lemme Get Some

You see i'm living cushy now you wanna try and crack,

all pushy try'na get up in my pussy and smash.

ain’t fuckin' with them fools and i ain't cutting no slack,

i'm Beyonce, independent woman, handle that!

don't stand for that, take him out with the trash

and if he wanna holla holla heard i holla back.

no, Amanda Blank baby, got a track you should hear,

'nother fake up Frank going up all night in my ear, like

R: lemme get some (you don't want none) (8x)

no we've never met before and yes i've heard that line

can i just chill without you getting all greedy from behind

i don't care what you do, don't give a fuck what you say

and no i can't introduce you to M.I.A

'cuz baby she don't want you neither,

no my girls don't wanna meet ya

breathing in my face,

your voice is getting louder than the speakers

i aint in the biz of bullshit

i aint with all that,

i might be kinda fast but i aint easy for a pass

you aint rubbing on my ass and i aint closing up your tab

you aint gonna take me home and think i'm paying for your cab.

aint gonna let you crash or let you get up in my stash,

i don't give it for blow and i aint giving up my cash.

i whip a mother fucker’s ass just for wasting my time

all up in my face and personal space with that line.

R: lemme get some (you don't want none) (8x)

that's not a bag of tricks to bag you wit

that's the bag for when i go camping and shit

i'm slick as the ruler like butter on the rood

And we try'na do roofin in the rain (snowboots?)

i'm saying don't say it if you really don't know it

you a hundred dollars short so the bank is foreclosing.

see me, I aint for all the modelling and posing,

seen ten of y’all before in the mall purse toting

talking, jumping, laughing, oh

you coming to the show then watch imma

(shum shum?) this fuck here, he ma let me back stage,

Where the cool kids go, i heard them niggas getting paid.

ah funny, no really that's funny listen up

we aint here to raise no dummy, try your luck here boo

you should roll a dice from... let the beat ride while i count my money

R: lemme get some (you don't want none) (8x)