See her looking down at us

She's so much higher I cannot reach

Her beauty dazzles me with it's power

I try to pull at something deeper inside

But my hands reach out into cold emptiness

I'm falling down, world depraved, world so strange

I'm falling down into a world so strange

She smells of daffodils

Beneath the surface a rotten stench

It spreads out all over her being

Beneath that ivory skin a thousand worms

Are feasting on all that is dead

The world outside seems so strange, I'm safe here

On my own I can face my fear

This body's bruised in many ways

Cause your eyes burnt holes in it's structure

I want to break free from this prison

I want to change these conditions, tear off the label

That you stitched so tightly to my skin

I'm a person

Why won't you let me be a person

That's all that I am