He held me so tight as if to protect me

From what? Maybe from himself

I signed the contract that

Offers me protection

If I follow all the rules

See those wounds and bruises

Don't really prove much

Some girls like it rough

Some mean yes when they say no

How is a man supposed to know?

You came just as you saw Marilyn

As if I wasn't there at all

As if I was only a dream

And you are my little angel but

Your wings are without use

Cause you picked out all the feathers

To draw a little blood just to make sure

That you can bleed like if you where alive

A train from heaven where

We are the only passengers

Without their eyes shooting

Out lightning of dirt

That penetrates our skin

And heads straight for our hearts

You are my little angel

High upon my pedestal

Yea, you are my little angel

God help man if you would fall