The hate invades my mind. The regards mortified me. Bullets and blood around me. I can't sleep. The nightmares scare me. I detest my mother, she can't help me. The woman will die. She don't hurt me, She is not to blame. I hate the neighbors too. I want to kill them, I want to show them one little time in hell. I'm thinking in how the bullets enter in their heads, and the blood staining the door and floor. And i burn my mother inside of the kitchen, with newspaper and gasoline go down, go down to first floor. The neighbor opens the door and i shot her in the head twice, twice and her friends want to escape but they receive the bullets in the head. Other neighbors die too... I go to good restaurant and prepare the gun in the restroom. Everybody will die. Shooting their heads with unmerciful hate. I only want to kill them. This is like Vietnam.