192 juicy bodies of children. I'm a sadist. I'm looking for a child. I feel guilt but i feel hate. That extreme force something strange tells me. Go to kill, kill them, that beast was me. I bought some bottles of liquor and I decide to kill him in a violent manner. Always I have in my bag, rope, razor blades, and a big knife. Tie his hands and I caress the body, pull out his clothes and I rape him,naked. I, bitting a lot his body, I, burning his skin with a candle, I felt very good doing it. Slashing in 59 times his body, I practiced satanic rites with the children that i murdered. I have a pact with the devil. I cut his genitals and his anus, and I put his penis in his mouth. This body without testicles or eyes, Abdomen without guts, with only one hack, cut his head.