I attack an old woman turn 91. After tying her gagging and hit her strongly i suffocated her with a pillow. I tie the cadaver with the cord of a curtain. Days later, another victim. This time of 89 years. I suffocated her with a plastic bag. My crimes became more violent and of an extreme cruelty. My following victim was retired from 71 years. After gagging her and tying her with a cable, I hit her with such a force that i broke their nose and jaw. Then i used a muffler in order to strangle her. Most of the bones from the right part of the body were destroyed, and I tortured her until death. She had the mouth and the throat burned by acid. I forced her to ingest flat caustic. The lack of love had become me hard until the point of ignoring the suffering with th victim didn't have pity. I only attack to the weak people.