Kill my victims
With a knife, a rope and gloves
I am picking up people to torture
Once a person is tied to a tree, it is an esay killing

After the death
Then the mutilations come on the bodies
Some workers found one dismembered body
That was strangled with his pants

His genitals were amputated
Broken hands and stomach cut,
Tied with a rope for hours and brutally penetrated
With branches on several ocassions

Another one was found
Strangled with his belt and his head without ears
His skull crushed by an axe
Provokes a large bloodstain on the floor

I know it would serve as prove for others to catch me
Now I hace other kidnapped people
And women do not have better luck
One is marked with a hor iron

Like her son on his back,
As a cow with the iron of death
Woman's husband was very frightened,
Scared and suffering
Then, I cut his lefr hand with a machete,
And then I put all my hate with the
Machete in his sons' toes

Torture is not enough
He is through a steel nail
In his right hand
Cries and blood are all I have to feel strong
I have my own law
If they don't agree
They must die