I detest this crippled old man
Defecating in a bucket all day
His hemorrhagic dengue is fermenting his guts
His skin turning yellow

A rotten breath like in this putrid room
Hard flatulence rending his anus
Dripping blood and excrement
Swollen body, faltal secretion

Increase his dying moans
Dry white drool
He is living in his own shit
Thorax's bones go out, and the wounds

In his back and armas discharge pus
By my own hands he will die
I'm going to help him
That deep pleasure and extreme orgasm

Intense diarrhea liters of shit gush
One bed with a big hole for his buffocks
Some of his body is infected
Festering wounds in his back and blisters too

Improtected, weak and incurable
I disconnected his serum
The, his oxygen
I'm his suffering and pain

Then, he drinks a delicios laxative
My best funeral service
Free for my wife's family
An atrocity attack invades his body
He dies in his own muck
Choking in his vomit