When you smile
My Heart soaks it in
And sometimes
When I hold you
The words float through my head
Remember this
Remember this
And you dreams
Give fire to this life
And I see
Everything brand new
And it's all because of you
You're like pure sunshine

I wanna bottle it up
Drink it in
This feeling
This innocence
Right here right now
Gonna hold on tight
I wanna lock it away
Bury it deep
In my heart sweet memories
Time be a friend
And refuse to fly
I wanna take this love
And bottle it up

There's a spark
When you hold me close
Every part
Of me breathes it in
And I think to myself
I'm not letting go
I'm not letting go

(Repeat Chorus)

Every little piece of
Every little day with you
Got it on repeat
So I'm never gonna lose everything you are

(Repeat Chorus)

Bottle it up
Bottle it up