Papa bear sneaking in 2am
mom fast asleep doesn't wait up for him
last night, he came at the same time
he locks the door walks back in the dark
whispers a prayer that the dogs won't bark
he hides his other life's another lie set into motion
oh....he lays back, can't rest, secret on his chest

whoa....look at what you turned into
scared of the morning
it's a beautiful day for bad news
whoa....even when the sky turns blue
you would see a warning
a beautiful day for bad news
beautiful day for bad, bad news

and that stain never came out of the floor
neither did the red on the collar he wore
she knew, smelled that perfume
oh and momma bear huffing and she's ready to fight
who's been sleeping in your bed tonight
he looks her straight in the eyes's another lie set into motion
oh....he blows it off but he can't rest, truth weighs on his chest

man and a woman
tree in a garden
perfect when it started
over time yes it fell apart
the truth rings out like a crowd of people and
innocence louder than cars on the street
love hears when pain is deafening
it's not too late