Hate the reflection that I see
Wish I could claw... away... my skin

Demons wont let me flee, my minds tragedy
Don't label me, not a minority
Society created me

First cuts the neatest, I didnґt feel a thing
Donґt show me your pity
Second cuts the deepest, a release from within
Donґt try to analise me

Carve pretty pictures of hatred
Avert your eyes, my artwork doesnґt lie

Refuse to acknowledge me
Iґm not what you want to see
So inject & study me
Pump me with hypocrisy

Third cuts the longest, I just lost controll
No doctor can save me
Forth cuts the boldest, Iґve an eye for detail
Donґt try to admit me

My condition has no name
Itґs not like I'm insain
Re-direct your empathy

My bodies my vengance
Iґm addicted to pain
No one understands me