Humiliation sold by the pound
To shrewd narcotic kingpins and dealers of promised happiness
All brought to you by the architects
Of cathode ray reality as they properly fatten our delusions
Until they develop mouths of their own

Feed me. Inject the propaganda
Reduce their suffering through the somniferous radiation
Conceive another thoughtless carbon

Attenuation of empathy
Through force fed apprehension and principle

Manipulation of pulpous clay
Perspective and reason will perish and decay
Emissions of conformity
Subliminal slavery

Lying in disgrace is the mind that does not seek truth

Remove the blinders, unveil your eyes
Shed the skin anew

Ignorance is strength. Power in numbers
Plug into the network that destroys all subversive thought

Step in line
Conditioning instruments control your mind

Taxidermy, lifeless eyes
Disembodied, the blood’s runs dry
Painted facade
Hate and greed dressed in disguise

Cause and effect
Stuff those holes with mesmeric diversion
How those ornaments dance and shine
Mystified by the serpentine

There are shocking new developments that you can’t afford to miss
Nursing that fear into obedience

The power that slipped through the hands of the comatose masses
Into the few

Silenced is the voice of the ones who can’t see through lies

Sacrifice my privacy because I need to feel safe

Okay then, you just wait
‘Till the lens is turned on you
Treated like a criminal
They watch everything you do
You’re sufficiently subdued


The only way to rule is through force and intimidation
Through your weakness they stand to gain
Leaving a trail of poverty without blame

There are shocking new developments that you can’t afford to miss
Holding onto our willful ignorance