A well traced path
A simple and straight way
A permanent happiness, a joy of the present
Less sorrow, no more sorrow
No anger anyway
Sadness is a word which has never existed

We got Soma... for serene eves
We got Soma
We got Soma... for serene eves
We got Soma

Keep staying unworried by such
An old thing, enjoy the moment
Do not think about anything
Do your work with a large smile on your face
Go quietly back home and swallow
The pills you keep
Chemistry has turned you so serene

Flawless and positive and exhausted
After all they are quite innocent
And so are you, free from troubles
Your labour is no sacrifice
Everyone's role is to achieve his task

Your existence has to stay on perfect railway
Without clashes and chaos, unforeseen and quiet
We have Soma
For feeding our lifelong coma