Don't leave me, not like this
I've longed for you since our first kiss
There was a time when I thought
You'd care for me no matter what

Why did you give up? I'll never know
I know it was hard. All we had was the phone
Although we had pain, I can tell you it's
better than being alone

I thought you wanted this
I hope so because you broke my heart for this

I curse my thoughts,they favor you
So does my heart. I curse that too.
With all it's pain and all it's cost
Who says it's best to have loved and lost?

And this is my heartfelt goodbye,
You hello hell.
Although you may forget, you'll be with me till death.
Because no matter what comes good or bad,
You never stop loving someone.

Don't think you've ruined me.
I am stronger for this.
But I'll still think of you
After you forget I exist.
Although I'll try to forget to save pain,
You'll always be inside my head