If I could find the right girl
Possibilities are all I see
I think I could be happy
But I know that’s just not me
Am I just too picky?
Will my life just pass me by?
Maybe I’m just unlucky
It feels so worthless to even try

So long, goodbye
It always hurts to hear you cry
That’s why

I was supposed to hurt you
Hurts as much as you do
Hurts to be hurt by you
Wish I never met you
Hurts to not have someone
Never hurt to have some fun
Hurts to not have met you (2x)

I’m always looking for someone
But I find another lonely night
And when I stop to read
The helpful road signs
All they say is hurt left hurt right

And if we hook up
With my luck, it will suck
And if we never meet
Who’s to blame?
Is it my fault?