When the night falls down on me
Endless story`s like the sky you see
I try to find
A way to ease my mind

And all the thoughts day capture
They seem to clear up in the dark
And all the fights caused fracture
But you won`t hear my cry

`Cause I wish I knew the right words for you
And I wish I could set stars to guide you through
But there are things, things I just can`t do
How this story ends – don`t know

But wind won`t take my dreams away
This fairytale won`t leave my mind
Even though I find no words to say
I have no strength to fight
But I’ll stay

Now take my hand
Forever I’ll stay by your side

In dreams we`re flying right through the open sky
In the moonlit, horizon
The seas, so bright

No matter what
No matter what day seize
All I can give you is a kiss