Here lies an ancient memory
Uncovered, hidden from your sight
Treasures – one day they all be yours
You carry them in your soul
Not knowing you`re in control

In these mind there is a pile of gold
It`s buried for you by the road, along the way
Never be afraid, any time is well
Believe if you want – release your shell

Now when you rise, lies you have received
Never fail to leave a void inside your heart
Filthy of dust and rain
Don`t hesitate to rise again

Dreaming of seeing through yourself
Letting go of fear
As nothing becomes everything

Seeing before you go blind
Before everything becomes a lie
Before the truth is something you deny

Everything you touch
Everything you see
Leaves the wave in frame of history
Behind the fading mind
Hide true lies of our kind

Denial never feasts
Ignores the roaring beasts
Only open mind
Will find the way to be

Nothing in everything
Let true lies break free