Burning skies - raining fire
Down on the helpless below
Hell has come - storming legions
Iron eagles - angels of death

Searing wings - roar as thunder
Burning the life right out of the night
Heavens above - slaughtered outright
Reducing bodies to ashes and dust

No more tomorrows - sunrise on a dead world
Burning the shadows right into the walls
Paying the price in self sacrifice

Final breath - ends in fire
Fallout snows its seeds of death
Darkened skies - deadly quiet
Nuclear winter settles its frost
Pitiful end - human folly
Centuries of work now scattered to dust
Victor defeated - final chapter
Closing the book and set it alight

Failsafe - cannot be recalled
Flee to nowhere - death consumes all
Return to the earth from which you crawled
Return to darkness - return to dust