But they still pull me down, down, down
I can see the shore within my grasp but it's only a matter of time before I
Sink or swim, as the tides keep tearing at my limbs
My body's an anchor that's slowly sinking down
This abyss is all I see for miles and miles
These currents surround me and grab me by the neck, they won't let go
Please set me free from the tide
If I become part of the machine, that is slowly killing me
I will make my bed below where no one will hear me
Tell me this isn't it, tell me I still have a chance to make it out
These ocean waves keep crashing over me again
Will I be saved? Or will I make my way to my ocean grave?
There's a piece of me still stuck here at the bottom of the sea
But if I keep my eyes to the water, this ocean's going to be the death of me
This ocean will swallow me whole
If I can keep my head above the water, I might make it out
But they still pull me down, down, down