The waters of river stormy aspire to sea,
The foamy waves of dark-purple color
Under crimson eye of sun.
Along the shore from lilies
Comes vague murmur,
Similar to the noise of underground waters.
They sigh, The border of their domains is horrible, black wood.
Primeval trees eternal swing
With mighty noise and rumble.
And from their peaks depart upward
Fall the drops of dew.
The grey clouds eternal aspire on west,
Beyond fiery wall of horizon.
But not a wind on heavens.
Was night, and was fall the rain;
And, falling, that was rain, but
Fall, that was blood.
And momentary, through the transparent deadly mist,
A purple moon rose.
The cliff illuminated with the light of the moon.
Was grey, dead and high.
And writting appeared on stone: "Desolation".
Then the elements was cursed
With damnation of violence
And a terrible storm burst on heavens.
Heaven darkened of rage of the tempest,
Water of river foamed from torment,
And lilies was shrilly screamed.
The trees break down under press of wind,
Thunder was rolling and lightning was throw.
And cliff was concussed to foundation.
Over endless desert impend
The damnation of silence.
From senses, peculiar all,
Remain the only one: the endless horror spreaded
Over all surface of Earth.
And shadow of sound can not be heard.
And writting changed, It was saying: "Silence".