Texty písní Atlantean Kodex

Atlantean Kodex

Temple Of Katholic Magick

A black wind of pain is cleansing the land

Crushing the sons of the prophet

As tolerance has failed

Feel no remorse, feel no regret

For our children to live their blood must be she'd

Invoke the true name of God (Shemhamforash)

Reclaim these once free and mighty lands

The spells of the temple bring doom to their halls

Their empire is dying, their culture will fall

Never yield! Never lay down your sword!

Drive your spears through the heart

Of the Saracen hordes

The oath has been sworn

Three spells will be cast

For Katholick Magick and metal will last

Invoking the sigil of

Saint Michael the Warrior

Defender of Europe

The first spell has been cast

Invoking the sigil of

Saint Andrew, the Martyr

Protector of Europe

The second spell has been cast

Invoking the sigil of

Saint Mary, the Virgin

Mother of Europe

The third spell has been cast