Texty písní Atlantean Kodex

Atlantean Kodex

Vesperal Hymn

So you drank the bitter waters

The salty wine of death

What cries the west wind? (Cry the west winds)

Iron wave hands took your breath

Pale moonlit coasts repeat the answer

Sighing dark mechanic mills

Cease your ever-turning mourning

Shine forth upon our clouded hills

Waters could not have killed you

Nor fire, Atlantis, my friend

Downfall grows in the hearts of man

But the west wind recalls still your sound

So we plant in the abyss

A tree that lifts your ground

We will see Atlantis again

O land of green, oh land foreseen

Where did you go?

O land of green, oh land foreseen

Gone long ago

Seven wanderers still living

(In memory) blue mountains now island hills of green

The keep burning the desire

The rise of Atalant foreseen