I donot care where you wanna go , you belong with me iam the only one that loves you so you belong with me it is just a phrase that you are going through you wanna something new you think thre is all these things that you are missing out on but baby, it just ain,t true you know for a fact that you have your freedom to do the things you want to do but i,ve got to draw the line somewhere ya can,t have your cake and eat it too don,t get turned on by the face of the other guys they,ll only want your body and the real plan would be in disguise i thought that we were happy livin, together i thought that our love had along term plan i never would have thought that you would think about other guys or livin, your life with another man iknow that understanding takes an open mind but i,m sorry girl i can,t undrestand this time when he takes his temporary love away from you i know that you,d come runnin, back for mine