Never did I hear of a working class man
who was brought into fear by supply and demand.
A man, who was motha fuckin robbed from the start
by a corporate industry that supplies Walmart.
Big business is the trickle down economy effect
and their taking all the taxes of the money we get.
The tricks, they try to fool you say fuck no.
stay true to what you love, stay true to what you know.

Stay True, to what you love.
So true, Don’t let them give you the nudge.
Stay free, to what you believe,
cuz they lure you to buy when your deceived.
Stay true, don’t buy their excuse.
So true, don’t let them blind you from the truth.
Stay free, its up to you and me cuz you know what
they all need.

No one in hell can buy my mind,
sovereign until the start of extinction.
Purchase your life and luxury,
it’s the end of a new generation.
Your working 'bout your day by day,
waiting for some fuckin pay,
just to find your dollar is useless.
I never thought it would come to this,
your money’s in the hands of the filthy rich.

the puppeteer, organgrinder, collar too tight

stay true, til the end, in this tunnel its never bright

lights never cease too, in terrors gates,

you never never know, ya never ever know

retaliate, what we live for

positive, only love for

never wait, to shake up the suit and tie straight jackets,

we will never work for