Best Defense

Our land, our home, America the free

Our vote decides the future can't you see

Their aim to serve, and protect what is theirs

Too much at stake to let others have their share

The world is more than colors black and red

Profit and gain mean little to those dead

While you cut corners to maximize your gain

Your lack of caring sends young men to their graves

Spend all our money on functionless weapons

They never care what they cost

I guess it's too bad it only works on paper

It's our lives not theirs that are lost

The truth is that we're powerless to change

The joke that the pentagons became

To win a war is the last thing on their mind

Career advancement is the main thing you will find

500 million dollars every day

Drains the resourses from projects such as AIDS

Our poor go hungry in cities across the states

Defense contractors steal the food

right off their plates