Rest In Pieces

Work your ass off every day

Nothing do you own

Sold your soul to the system

Another fucking clone

Never ask for nothing

Yet you gave and gave

Now you're trapped

Ambitions shattered

Another mindless slave

You never asked for anything

And that's exactly what you got

They never cared for you

They're glad to see you rot

Nothing's really yours

It's only mortgages and leases

When you die

Then you rest in pieces

Line their pockets with your labor

You go home in debt

Your children die from malnutrition

Your bosses never wept

They justify the life you lead

A life that's full of pain

You were born to serve your master

Your caste revealed by name

Sick of their oppression

You come to take what's yours

Rip their hearts from their bodies

Their blood pools on the floor

A smile plays across your lips

Their life breath slowly ceases

Leave their mansion a free man

As they rest in pieces