Look to the sky, I feel dead inside
My wings subside, I see hope die

I am alone and every day
I wish that death would come take me away
Cut out the pain that I feel inside
I die...

In spite of it all; you hurt me and you'll never know
This feeling of shame
The lies that you told add fuel to the fire of my pain
You conceal the blame
The seeds that I've sown know not of this pain that I own
I hold it inside
And swallow my pride, it burns me inside

Show me my life; Broken
Show me my life; Wasted
Show me my life; Empty
This was life, take me now

Burdened by shame, wasted away all of my days
Out of the cold I feel a light from deep inside...

Take to the sky, I soar like a bird
My wings spread wide, I feel alive!

Show me my life; Resolve
Show me my life; Reform
Show me my life; Remade
I live my life, I have been reborn!