Should I follow my heart to the ends of the Earth,
Would I find, in time, what a life of truth is worth?
Embracing emptiness,
Embracing loneliness,
Forsaking the fortress in a quest for the Holy Grail.

In shadows deep I fold my wings,
And let my dreams decide my fate,
For all things come to those who wait,
Who wait in wings,
Who wait in faith,
Who let their dreams decide their fate,
Never fearing the departure of light,
Ever journeying on through the night,
Ever nearer,
Ever dearer,
The sacred mysteries.

So weary, so weary,
Then I find myself lost inside a maze,
And I ask, "Is this where I'll end my days?"
Just then the heavens open. . . .

Straight rains upon my way,
A thousand secrets glow
Like candles in the glistening snow
They guide me on to higher ground,
I spread my wings upon the sound
Of children's laughter; lifts my spirits
Beyond the realm of restless wraiths,
Of hungry ghosts, who test my faith,
Who paint their tinselled tombs,
By day and night with gilded gloom.

Sweet Mercy takes my hand, and
Leads me to the promised land, where
Sweet Fortune fills my cup to overflowing.

Skies of violet,
Eyes of love reflecting firelight.
I seize the day.
I seize the stars, the moon, the velvet night.

A moment lost, I now have found
In time with thee,
In rhyme with thee.