There's a shack down by the railroad tracks
Down by the old graveyard
There's a thing that hides there in the day
But at night be on guard
Ripping through the darkness
Dealing out the word
There's no scaping
And death comes in a blur

On a dark oppressing morning
The village comes to life
Whispering the stories of
What they heard last night
The old one was among them
Now gone without a trace
They tell the tales of horror
Of a giant metal face

Demon killer - Demon
Kills in the dark reaps in the night


Demon - Killer
So I hope you've all been listening to
What the old man said about this and
If you live in the shadow you know
You're on his list slipping through
The darkness dealing out the word
There's no scaping and death comes
In a blur

Demon killer