Fadda help me over come them obstacle ya
Give me di strength and hear me prayer
Di devil a tempt me fi go dig up me gun
And kill off di whole a them fake fassy ya
Father why them a pray fi we fail?
Road to nice we nuh wha go a jail
And you know me nuh have nothing gainst them eno
But me nah see them and gi them no hail
Father forgive me fi get to rude
Me know you understand if me buss it pan dude
Them a mek money and nuh wha me get none
Well a gunshot if a boy try stop me food
Lawd you know every trial weh we meet
You know when we hungry we nah show people teeth
Me coulda rob a bank and dweet so neat
Nobody cyaa no a me but me doh wha dweet
Lawd you know how di ghetto thing run
Badman nuh party and leff dem gun
But doh mek them come inna ya tonight
Wid them eediat ting and spoil up we fun
Once again lawd juss guide and protect
And watch over us every step weh we mek
As we gather hear mek we go tru di night
Wid peace and love in every aspect
Wa WowAmen!
Can you hear me? good