We started a fire;
That was never supposed to burn out.
You started a band;
That was cool for a while but it turned pretty bland.

I started a fight;
With the neighbor next door
And his pesky wife.
You started a job;
That you hate when your sober
And hate even more when you're not

I know you hate me too,
You always say you do

And you moved to Japan;
Thought a clean bill of health and a camera
Could show you the plan.
I bought a bird that repeats what i say,
But I'm lonely is all that he's heard.

You found a guy,
That is clearly the opposite me
With a black motorbike
I dicked around,
But it's just like a movie that's picture
Is off with the sound

I know you hate me too
You always say you do

And you started to write
It was subtle at first
But the danger was clearly in sight

I don't reply
Due to a lack of an ego
And laziness cuts like a knife

You say that you're good
Had a baby with biker
And named him Forest Whitaker
I'm laying low
On the probable chance
You convince me to give him a home

I know you hate me too
You always say you do
And I know that you hate me too
Always say you do.