i want a punk rock holiday
no sleep coronita and mary jane
sunrise, sunset it's all the same uh huh
i'm gonna play guitar
be a punk rock'n'roll star
tell the world to just f**k off
i'll hear them laugh and i'll watch them scoff
fueled by liquor and the muse
i can't play but i got nothin' to lose
i'm sick of prozac-pleasant tunes
up all night up all day
god save me while the dinosaurs play
jim vick's got the joker juice
i'm a virgin again, woo-hoo-hoo
my bra size doesn't have to change
dirty hair, pasty skin it's all the rage
if i were queen for just one day
moon-june-spoon music gives me a rash
a seconal soundtrack for the mass
we need another revolution yeah
'cuz fm music's so blase
no one's got anything to say
i'm so bored with tunes today
you got a song get your ass onstage
we need a punk rock holiday right now!