First thing first I’m a white chick
Wait, what?
The whole world was confused when they learned this
She’s not black?
and I sound just like Nicki Minaj
if she swallowed down testosterone pills with hot sauce
If you wanna be rap famous
Act dirty south and say heh like this
parody a movie like Clueless
And then shake your abnormally large for white girls hips


You a fake give Nicki her goddamn style back!
You look like Gwen Stefani had sex with Riff Raff
You be trippin’ got that hood swag
You’re from Australia! Stop acting black!

No one knows me just some random chick
They found on the street
To sing this obnoxious chorus
My name’s Charli
No, I am not Lorde
we just look the same
I’m a huge fan of Royals!
I am not Lorde!

I said make a music vid based on the film Clueless
it’s the most time I’ve spent in school the truth is
I am half retarted, high school I departed
that’s why my tweets are so ignorant and racist garbage
If you’re Asian fix your weird eyes
Mexicans are dirty and wide
and I swear I meant that there so much
I’m gonna tweet two more times
if you don’t speak English eat shit
all black people get arrested
speaking of which
I look like Marlon Wayans from the flick White Chicks
Now tell me who dat, who dat
that is half and half
from the waist up I am white
but from the ass down I am black
I be that I-C-C-Y wrote it with a crayon Source:
I can’t spell because my IQ is negative ten

Just like Iggy
I’m stupid also
Think there’s a highway from LA to Tokyo
There’s an ocean!
Can you drive on it?
You must be jokin’
This is why they tell kids to go to college!

Who-who-who-who dat? Who dat?
That is your name, spell that!
No! Spell that, spell that!
Nooooooooo o-o-oo!
Who-who-who-who dat? Who dat?
Albert Einstein!
Who dat? Who dat?
You’re kidding me right?
Who-who-who-who dat? Who dat?
I told you three times!
How the hell are you so goddamn slow?

Holly shit Iggy Azalea is Nicki Minaj!