Two Words
Rock, Chalk, shot a jayhawk
Never been to jail cause I never get caught
I got smarts, dark, dangerous dog
O D B, got it right from the start
You got one and you changed from crazy to calm
I been awake for days
In the dusk and the dawn
And you're loving me whether you want to or not
Well, I want you for sure
I am loving you more (4x)

Who heard
What no, know right from the start
Go sell that shit somewhere farther from the heart
Running and running and running and stop
Come on, we both knew this thing would be hard
I see art
You see class
You think (you think)
You ask (you ask)
You say, 'Darling am I a chore?'
I said, I know you love me
I am loving you more (4x)

Pick up the perfect card
Slip into smiling, wildly
After the rest have gone
We become beyond timeless
Give you everything that I have ever owned
Soon I will have bought us up a house and home
Up on the seventh floor
I know you love me
I am loving you more (8x)