Let me tell you how shit will be
Better grip your pillow tight-a-lay

Now enter Sandman
YEE-AA-AH, enter Sandman

I will fill your eyez with sand
Off to Nevernever land

Enter Sandman
YEE-AA-AH, enter Sandman

I'm the Sandman-with a metal beat
And I think that-Dokken's f**kin' weak
I want you to bang-right in the street
And if you sleepwalk-destroy and seek-SANDMAN!

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray for Kliff my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I'll pray for Kliff my soul to take

OHH! I am the beast under Don Dokken'z bed-SANDMAN, f**kin' Dokken!
I'm in hiz closet, in hiz head-SANDMAN, f**kin' weak!

Cuz I'm the Sandman
YEE-AA-AH, f**kin' Sandman

And my advice as Dokken diez-SANDMAN!
It's time to kiss your ass goodbye-SANDMAN

Cuz I'm the Sandman
YEE-AA-AAH, f**kin' Sandman
And you'll sleep with one eye open for me-SANDMAN!